Spread the Word!

As you can see we have started the first blog where we’ll have all the info about any of our projects that we currently are making. For now it will be free but we are thinking of buying a new domain (.com vs .me). As for the game we are working a bit slower on it because of the schoolwork we have, but don’t worry we are soon bringing new updates on our Facebook and Twitter, and preparing a little tech demo.
Now we need your help… we aren’t getting to much fan support on our facebook and we need it for a successful project as we are preparing an IndieGoGo campaign which will help us in buying new iOS and Android licences, bigger staff and with that much more closer release date… So share on your facebook walls, share on your twitter and be part of our little community….

And don’t forget to clean your shoes before coming on our blog! XD


3 thoughts on “Spread the Word!

  1. Well a drafted blog my friend, I read the blog from first line till the end, loved it till now. I wish I could help in the project but as you already know I have to concentrate on my job.

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