Back on the blog, and working big time..

We haven’t been on the blog for a long time, because we basically didn’t have nothing to show in due time, but with activity and interest over Project S.E.M.M. we decided its probably the best idea to expand upon that idea. We are going to expand the 2 week project into something much more playable, addicting and bigger.
Basic development of the project will spin around these features:
Better graphics – This includes much more detailed environment, models and UI. We are creating the map slowly with big resemblance on our sweet satellite Moon, we are building meteor craters, but also creating other details that will keep the game more alive and colorful, even though it’s a gray moon; S.E.M.M. rover will be improved with many new gadgets and other machines to help him through the way of cleaning the alien menace that has invaded and colonized in secret.
Diversity – The competition project only had one type of enemy, and a boring one since we didn’t have time for nothing more. New goal is to break that boredom with big diversity of alien units to protect the things you’ll need through the game. You’ll even have towers that will scan the area for unknown moving objects. They will sometimes even be camouflaged so the player will need to be careful in certain areas.
But this diversity is not only for the AI, it includes diversity in almost every aspect of the game; From S.E.M.M. mechanics to number of levels. We have some surprises in the store so we can’t reveal more in the diversity aspect.
Smoother Gameplay – Controls will be revamped almost from scratch to remove the quirkiness that existed in our competition version of the game; AI movement will be much more efficient and harder to kill. They will no longer have the habit to circle around you while you kill them like sitting ducks coming to your aim.

These are just small parts of the game that will be changed, there will be lot more improvements than this in almost everything. The thing is, we have some stuff that need to be made in secret for now, but it will be revealed in due time. But until that time comes, we are signing out until the next update which, if everything goes right, should be soon with even more info and maybe few screenshots.
Until then, stay healthy and happy, while we slowly develop the game that everybody can enjoy…

Wildbeauty Software Team


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